EP 2: Fan The Flame

Black Vines comes from Kerosene fragrances. Sweet, but not too sticky or syrupy. I attempt to distill the layers of complexity in our first-ever fragrance review. It’s somehow as familiar as it is mysterious. If you like the flavor and essence of birch beer and similar woody vine spirits you will dive in deep. Outsiders will be attracted to this fragrance’s call, even those who disliked Good n’ Plenty® as a child – this is not in the same universe. As the series moves forward all fragrances will receive my personal rating (0-100%: toxic to intoxicating). Please remember to click Follow (below) to catch upcoming episodes and let me know your thoughts, ideas, suggestions.

Overall Rating: Toxic to Intoxicating: 80%
Origin: USA

This week’s fragrance sourced at Smallflower/Merz Apothecary.
This week’s backing soundtrack is by Orlando Voorn (Rush Hour Music, 2016).

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