EP 6: Unearthing The Essence

Here we have a fragrance of mystery, one for the ages in fact. From England it’s Centauri‘s Dendera (the nose: Peter Carter). You just might find yourself in an old chapel in a desolate town. It’s oh so quiet here, with a smoky resonance. Remember to look everywhere — not only ahead, behind and inwardly, but also glance to the ceiling above, skyward, look for the ‘Dendera lights’. This is a mixed media fragrance.

Meanwhile on the ground, a secret path lined by moss, wet rocks, wilted roses and rare fungi lead to an underground chamber that hasn’t been touched for thousands of years. Within the chamber, there are relics from a mysterious, some say extraterrestrial, culture. Large urns loaded with cinnamon bark, fragrant wood chips and precious resins line the rooms.” Their description is on target, what do you think of my first wearing? Click the play button to find out more.

Overall Rating: Toxic to Intoxicating: 91%
Origin: England

Sourced via Ave Parfum (US)
Backing soundtrack is Soul Rotation (Cv313 Reshape) by Radius (echospace, 2017)

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