EP 17: A Treasure Trove

They say: “An ode to vanilla, crowned with tonka bean and sublimated with a hint of cinnamon, Herod leaves behind a delicate sillage which is both warm and bold” – and I do not beg to differ too much, but I do have more to say on the matter. Remember to click the ‘Follow’ button off to the right and click ‘Play’ to hear those mentioned thoughts. Parfums de Marly‘s Herod plays on the temperature indoors and out. It’s memorable no matter how it ‘s sliced, but please, there’s no reason to be wielding knives. Think well-read and surrounded by the grace of old growth.

Origin: France
Rating (Toxic 2 Intoxicating): 89%
Source: Smallflower.com
Soundtrack: Frecuencias de galaxias y túneles by Fulmedesh (2019)

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