EP 20: Eastern Smoke

If you are going to get lost amid the ecstatic, this may be the perfect elixir for noses in (and out of) the know. Targa is a revelation and Blackbird out of the Pacific Northwest is testifying loud and clear – well, actually soft, dark and smokily (I can make up words!). As far as gifts to the five senses are concerned, some of us just may want to experience Xmas year-round by indulging in a widely diversified profile palette. And for many with such wants, this bird has gracefully landed in our presence. Yes, presence, and absence, and some of the subatomic that permeates the mid here. Get lost!

Origin: USA
Rating (Toxic 2 Intoxicating): 96%
Source: Aedes.com
Soundtrack: 89-16 by El Facil (1995)

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