EP 28: The Fragrance Pyramid 101

This is my genuine attempt to start a conversation about the so-called ‘Fragrance Pyramid’. It’s there even if you cannot see it. It’s a top down structure. The pyramid relies on time, various types of notes, the power/pungency of the ingredients and perhaps also the true nature (concept/construct) in terms of what it is attempting to project. Can you believe that this all got stirred up by my first-time (re)wearing of a fragrance I first tried on nearly forty years ago? It’s true. Even with the massive lapse in time, the rubber-band flex of memory kicks in strong when it comes to such things.

The fragrance pyramid is the composition of a fragrance. The composition is composed of fragrance notes, or ingredients, that create the scent. The three notes are top notes, mid (or heart) notes and base (or dry-down) notes.” – lebermuth.com

Fragrance X (a very popular perfume discounter) was one of my jumping off points here, paired with my 2020 experience of Aramis’ Devin (“country, light sporting cologne”) as looking back — as well as the importance of such tools of the trade as Mandy Aftel‘s Natural Perfume Color Wheel (recommended). One of my very first lovers wore this fragrance, and it has incredible associations even this many decades later. This is the first in a short/sweet, blue moon sub-series here on Notetaking. I hope some might find this as a simple intro, and welcome your thoughts and feedback for the above episode.

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