EP 38: The Past Lingers On

Thank heavens for Mr. Tom Ford, right? I’ve been waiting nearly fifteen or so years to get my nose on this again. Honestly, I’m unsure if my sample has lost or gained it’s classic signature over time, I don’t even know when the sample was manufactured, but I know what I know. And what I know I try to elaborate upon – just press play for more on my thoughts. This discontinued (so sadly) men’s fragrance from the house of Gucci has one hell of a presence, and will take you on a sensory trip, and then some.

If you are seeking this out, it is mostly long gone, save for a few random vintage bottles that are going for top prices. I recommend looking for a respectable decanter out there, or try and locate an untampered with sample like I managed to track down through a friend. Have you tried this? Please share your thoughts!

OriginItaly (product discontinued)
SoundtrackAquasonics by Yoni (2020)


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