EP 61: So Frisch

After receiving a wonderful introductory package of various works by SP Parfums I am starting my observation with this Essential Collection – Discovery Kit / Fresh. In each of these sets are five different fragrances from the much larger collection of works by Sven Pritzkoleit. In the coming weeks expect at least one more overview of this unique German niche house.

Of these five, I discuss briefly my first impressions, and I’ll give you a hint, I really liked more than half of these. Aside from simply ‘liking’ them, at least two caught a second glance and one gave me the chills, literally. I was thrilled to receive an autographed copy of his book, Duftspuren (Scent Traces), with lots of photos and backstory on his olfactory journey. He’s changed careers and gone from one lab to an altogether other lab. The fragrances in this kit were in fact so fresh (except maybe one), and I tell you why, just press play….

PS: As further information…I received a message from SP-Parfums that noted: “Sunmilkflowers, Wild Blossom Powder, Green Tea would be discontinued as of the end of September 2020“.

SourceSP Parfums
SoundtrackEcce Homo by Spyra (2014)

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