EP 71: Ready, Set, Groom

FRESHLY SHORN: When I went in to review these, live, there was nothing especially connecting these two except a masculine sense of good grooming. That seemed enough. Though I realized these were more disparate than I imagined, not 100% night + day, more a few degrees of separation. One is a bit more complex, one is more an instant delight. One changes on the skin quite quickly, the other dries down like a sweet cream. Can you detect the similarities and differences in the original fougere from the house of Houbigant Paris, Fougère Royale and from the house of Maison Margiela, the intriguing Replica: At The Barber’s. One is an EDP and one an EDT, and strangely they re/act conversely. They are both worth exploring. I’d keep you guessing, but you are a click away from getting my better understanding. Or are you?

Rating78% + 84%
SoundtrackBlack Angel by Hallucinator (1999)


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