EP 94: Uprooted, Uplifting

JUST LIKE HONEY: This has had it’s time to warm nicely, and the more it blends with my cellular structure, the more supple a honey essence becomes and rises. This fact was not instantly apparent at the top, or even at the heart, but now with my skin’s warmth it’s arrived after post-production when I recorded my above musings hours prior. In other words, this warms with you.

The folks at Ave Parfum, who introduced me tot he house of January Scent Project, describes Burvuvu conceptually as: “Dark and richly earthy, Burvuvu could be the scent of Middle Earth.” I see it their way, but have much more to say about the entire life of this genuinely masterwork of perfumery. They were kind enough to send me some samples, and my opinions, not facts, are all mine. Don’t Delay, Click Play.

SourceJanuary Scent Project
SoundtrackCedar Lodge Session by Don Haugen (2019)

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