Ineke Deluxe Discovery Collection

LOVELY GIFT PACKAGE: As Discovery Week continues we have a unique set here. “Ineke’s Deluxe Sample Collection contains spray samples of a selection of Ineke’s fragrances from her signature Alphabetical Collection….presented in an elegant box and includes a brochure describing all the fragrances. Each individual 1.5 ml fragrance is housed in a decorative “matchbox” with mulberry tissue paper…

This review is brought to you by Tigerlily Perfumery in San Francisco, CA. Check out their impressive collection of innovative niche perfumes from around the globe. We thank them for introducing us to this wonderful house of perfumery! Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

FragranceIneke Deluxe Discovery Collection Vol 7
NoseIneke Rühland
Size/Cost7×1.5ml spray vials, $30
SoundtrackPhilomela Nocturne by Pete Namlook, 2002

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