House of Matriarch High Perfumery Discovery Set

House of Matriarch is the premier natural and artisan fragrance maker in the USA. Our language speaks to the past but carries into the future, to the pinnacle of the highest art of perfume-making. Hearkening back to the mysteries of thousands of years of science, discovery and artful application, and gathering that legacy to a renewed modernist appraisal of the futurist art of high perfumery as richly layered as our expression in the magical alchemy of the marvelously detailed fragrances that we create.”

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

HouseHouse of Matriarch
FragranceBonsai, Beautywood, Twin Flame, Violet Flame, Tetramorph
NoseChristi Meshell
Size/Cost5×3.3ml sprays, $100 (other sizes vary $24-$720)
Source/LinkHouse of Matriarch
SoundtrackDubwise 45 by Monoton, 2006

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