Seasoned Layers

LEATHER BOUQUET: “As part of Tiziana Terenzi’s Anniversary collection, Chimera Extrait De Parfum is produced in a small batch every year, handcrafted using only the rarest raw materials. Each bottle is marked with the year of production, like a precious wine. This unforgettable journey starts in a sail boat in the Gulf of Fethiye, known as the “land of light and fire”, stopping at Olympus, where, from the heart of the mountain, huge tongues of fire are released and are visible even from the sea in the warm summer nights. A scent of untouched coves and pine-covered hills, sweet and warm, emphasized by the intense smell of melted caramel emanating from small camps at the foot of the mountain; this fragrance reverberates in the air and is reflected in the blue of the sea. The tensions and attractions of fire and water have been captured in this perfume…

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

HouseTiziana Terenzi
FragranceChimaera (2019-20 Anniversary Edition)
NosePaolo Terenzi
ConcentrationExtrait de Parfum
SeasonAutumnal (and Winter)
SourceSo Avant Garde
SoundtrackStellate by Saitoh Tomohiro, 2019

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