Spicy Seasonal Solution

‘TIS THE SEASON: “A delicious regal blend evolved from rich spice cargos brought back to Renaissance Europe via the Medici family’s sponsored voyages to the New World. Piquant top-notes conjure up ardent kisses at masked balls, festive revelers, sugarplums and savory clementines spilling from abundant cornucopias.Culled from a secret Medici formulation that enraptures with lusciousness, fire and spice.”

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

HouseI Profumi di Firenze
FragranceSpezie dè Medici
NoseDr. Giovanni Di Massimo
SeasonLate Autumn through Last Frost
Source/LinkIsabella Imports
SoundtrackIt All Ends with the Coming Sky by BVDUB, 2017

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