The Forest Floor

For this scent I took inspiration from the flora and fauna of Macedonia with an aim to create a fragrance that reflects their natural habitat. The stone ruins and past religious relics represent the many monasteries that can still be found in the country. It’s a woody floral with mossy green and musky undertones. It’s tactile, soft, animalic, wild, familiar, and mysterious.Scent Trunk is an innovative concept and would make an incredible gift for a loved one, or yourself!

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

HouseScent Trunk
FragranceOriginal Edition / November 2020 / Treemoss / Pelister Park, Macedonia
NoseMaya Njie
SeasonMay Vary
SourceScent Trunk
SoundtrackBone, Leaf & Moss by Ashtoreth/Grey Malkin, 2018

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