Grow A Pair

A unique experience into the Atelier of a Master Shoemaker, scents of customize leather, waxing movements and a drop of coffee for a relaxing moment. Tools and hides lined up along the cork-clad wall or lying on the wood and steel table, tweezers working strands of leather. Sharp needles, battered moulds hold leather prototypes, fabric, rubber, the smell of glue heightens the emotions. Cardboard boxes and cotton sacks, brushes and wax for polishing, skillful hands for the ultimate artist’s touch.” Unisex Perfume, finalist at the Art & Olfaction Awards, Independent Category (2017).

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

HouseExtrait D’Atelier
FragranceMaître Chausseur
NoseClaudia Scattolini
SourceExtrait D’Atelier
SoundtrackLeo Needs A New Pair Of Shoes by Ben Frost, 2009

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