Cocoa A GoGo

SCRUMMY: “Le Gateau sang All By Myself while dressed as a mermaid, and the audience cheered, clapped and almost screamed the roof off with their approval. The perfumer was inspired by the performer to make a chocolate fragrance. “Why not explore Over the Chocolate Shop once again?”, she thought, and this time to make it with the beautiful materials she’d acquired in the meantime? So here you have it. Over the Chocolate Shop, Gateux inspired edition.”

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

House4160 Tuesdays
FragranceOver the Chocolate Shop
NoseSarah McCartney
Source/Link4160 Tuesdays (Special Nod to Perfumology)
SoundtrackArm Candy by Pete Namlook & Move D, 2002

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