Dear Santa: Our Holiday Wish List

NO COAL THIS YEAR, PLEASE!: So here we are, at the end of a kooky year, it’s just about twelve days before Xmas and it seems like the perfect time to write this letter to you old man o’ the North. They’ve already dragged out the old Bing Crosby and Mariah Carey ditties — and, as they say, the creatures are just beginning to stir (I hope you don’t have mice!). I’ve had more time to think this season, lots to ponder, meditating within the olfactory solar system. After much contemplation I am writing to you in the North Pole about the fragrances/houses I am most curious about, that are bottled up all over the planet, those that I have yet had the opportunity to atomize for all the lovely listeners here at Notetaking. I hope you and Mrs. Claus have kept safe given all your travels. This is our personal Holiday Wish List! You can’t blame an old boy for hoping, wishing, upon a star. We promise to continue keeping our programming both ad-free and as independent as possible deep into the new year. Maybe some Secret Santa out there might think of us this holiday season?! Please drop a comment below about any of these (or others) that YOU are quite curious about. What do you hope to find in your stocking? Get the conversation flowing. Happy Holidays To One + All, Stay Safe + Healthy, and to all a good night. ♥️TJ

PS: Don’t miss our ‘Expert Discoveries‘ segment released last week.

  • A Lab on Fire (California Snow, Hossegor, Almost Transparent Blue)
  • A.N. Other (WF20, FR18)
  • Aesop (Tacit + Marrakech Intense)
  • Aether (Nvrmnd, Suprae, Hypaer)
  • Amarsi Fragrances (Blue Sacra, London Fields)
  • April Aromatics (Vetiver Coeur, Erdenstern, Ray of Light)
  • Areej Le Dore (War & Peace II)
  • Arquiste (Warm & Woody Set)
  • Atelier Cologne (Best of Founders Set)
  • Auphorie (Ryukyu)
  • Baruti (Nooud, Perverso, Chai, Dama Koupa, Voyance)
  • Beaufort London (Come Hell or High Water Discovery Set + 2ML Set)
  • Berdoues (Orange Fizz, Mandarine & Cuir, Gingembre Vert, Tonique)
  • Boadicea the Victorious (Complex)
  • Bortnikoff (Chypre du Nord, Moss Cologne, Sayat Nova, Sans Fleurs)
  • Byredo (Tobacco Mandarine, Space Rage, Deep Viola, Baudelaire)
  • Carthusia (Terra Mia, 1681, Acqua di Carthusia Bergamoto)
  • Chris Collins (Renaissance Man, Sweet Taboo, Danse Sauvage)
  • Cire Trudon (Médie, Olim, Revolution)
  • Cult of Scent (Hedonist, In The Woods)
  • Czech & Speake (Perfecto Fino, Vetivert Vert, Villa Ausonia)
  • Di Ser (Kyara, Tsuki, Akanesasu)
  • Ensar Oud (Oud Homeros, Crime & Punishment, No 2)
  • Exaltatum (St. Paul’s, Osmanthus Noble)
  • Frederic Malle (The Essential Collection)
  • Fueguia 1833 (Asagiri, Muskara Vetiveria, Patagonia)
  • Gallagher Fragrances (Sample Set)
  • Goldfield & Banks (Pacific Rock Moss, Blue Cypress, Desert Rosewood)
  • Gravel (Across The Ocean, Hudson River)
  • Hendley Perfumes (Discovery Set – esp. Bourbon, Mown + Fume)
  • Hermetica (Sample Set)
  • Hilde Soliani (Bell’Antonio, Avatar, Disobbedienza)
  • Hiram Green (Arbole, Slowdive)
  • House of Formulas
  • Imaginary Authors (Decisions, Decisions + Waffle Cone, Bulls Blood, Whispered Myths, Soft Lawn)
  • January Scent Project (Ojiim)
  • Jorum Studio (Arborist, Athenaeum, Fantosmia, Medullary, Carduus, Nectary)
  • J-Scent (Black Leather, Sumo Wrestler, Wood Flake, Roasted Green Tea, Ramune)
  • J.F. Schwarzlose (Discovery Set)
  • Jovoy (Incident Diplomatique, L’Art De La Guerre, Les Jeux Sont Fais)
  • Kajal (Lamar, Sareef, Sawlaj)
  • La Manufacture Parfums (BoHaras, Admirabilis, Cashmere)
  • L’Arc Parfums (Traversèe Cèdre d’Ifrane, Chrysalide, Argentium Halo de Lune)
  • Les Indémodables (Discovery Set: esp. Fougere Emeraude + Escale En Haiti)
  • Libertine (Eros Fig, Gilded)
  • Liquides Imaginaires (Tellus, Fortis, Desert Suave, Ile Pourpre)
  • Lubin (Upper Ten)
  • Lvnea (Natural Perfume Sample Set)
  • Mad et Len (Vetyver Bucolique, Noir Encens, Graphite, Papelato)
  • Malin + Goetz (Fragrance Discovery Kit)
  • Maya Njie (Discovery Set)
  • Mihan (Petrichor Plains, Mikado Bark, Sienna Brume)
  • Motif Olfactif (Voile D’encens, Mon Oasis, Atelier Vêtu De Vert)
  • Musicology Parfums (Cause Im Happy, Fly Me To The Oud)
  • Nishane (B-612, Karagoz, Africa-Oliphant, Safran Colognise)
  • Olivier Durbano (Black Tourmaline + Lapis Philosophorum)
  • P. Frapin (Speakeasy, IF, 1270, Isle of Man)
  • Phaedon (Tabac Rouge, Black Vetiver)
  • Prin (2020 Collection Discovery Set, esp. Nocturnal Poetry, Homa)
  • Provision (Maitri, Resonance)
  • Ramon Monegal (Tristan, Oud on Fire, Entre Naranjos, Dry Wood, Cuirelle)
  • Roja Parfums (the various ouds)
  • Rosa Salas (Sahara Velvet, Nazman, Imperial, So 1980s, Santal Lush, Gin Fizz, Shoreditch)
  • Serge Lutens (Vetiver Oriental, Chene, Muscs Koublai Khan)
  • Skandinavisk (Kapitel 4, Kapitel 12, Kapitel 17)
  • Slumberhouse (Ore, Baque, Grev, Sibet, Sova)
  • Smoke Perfume (Night Cloud, Wellspring, Neon Heart)
  • St Clair Scents (Frost, Gardener’s Glove, First Cut)
  • Strangers Perfumerie (Discovery Set)
  • The Gate (Oud Tonic, UnderOud, Ivory Temptation)
  • The Zoo (Sailors, Louis, Club Design, Fig My Love, Community, Carre Blanc)
  • THOO (Cypress Shade, The Time, Each Other, Blessing Silence, Golden Powder)
  • Timothy Han (Perfume Discovery Set)
  • Tom Daxon (Resin Sacra, Salvia Sclarea, Sicilian Wood, Iridium)
  • TSVGA (Milestones, A Man & His Pipe, Vicki-Lin)
  • Uniform Scents (Maghrib)
  • Welton London (Iconic Amber Oud, Bel Iris)
  • Xinu (Aguamadera, Ummo, Monstera)
  • Yosh (König, Ginger Ciao, Sombre Negra)
  • Zoologist (Discovery Collections)

Let it snow! Deep breath…..

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