Sheer Violet

UNMISTAKABLY VIOLET: “Watching the stars from the silence of the night, the moon’s ascension and its cold peaceful light: white, blue, violet, incredibly deep. Closing my eyes as if now out into space, my body unattached to the earth, a virtual sensation yet the reality of the galaxy…My senses meeting with an experience exhilaratingly unknown. Was it a dream? One certitude remains: this superb celestial scent. This transcendental composition is for those who follow their inner path, flourishing discreetly yet surely and meet their soulmate with no need for words.”

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

HouseNadia Z
FragranceCelestial Violet / Homme
NoseNadia Zuodar
ConcentrationNatural Perfume
SeasonAutumn is best; Spring will work as well
Size/Costcheck link
Source/LinkNadia Z
Soundtrackviolet on indigo grey by Steve Ashby & Daniel Barbiero, 2018

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