Enchanted Evergreen Elixir

Have you ever been to the wild unknown? Dense, dark, mysterious. The scent of the primal forest, inhabited by animals in their habitat, where humans are the interlopers. To be unseen, you have to be unsmelled. October 2020 disguises your city scent, mimics the sap you brush against, and softens your aura from being obvious. Stop. Exhale slowly. Inhale silently.Scent Trunk is an innovative concept and would make an incredible gift for a loved one, or yourself!

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

HouseScent Trunk
FragranceOriginal Edition / October 2020 / Black Hemlock / Boreal Forest, Canada
NoseJoshua Smith
SeasonDeep Autumn into Winter
SourceScent Trunk
SoundtrackHemlock Path by Loren Connors & David Grubbs, 2003

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