Peeling Back The Layers

A SWIRLING SPICE MARKET: “An ancient city teeming with freshness and modernity. Old luxury meeting new confidence. The exact spot where two continents, and two cultures, meet, with every result you could imagine. With Istanbul, Gallivant celebrates this thrilling, august, contradictory city in all its complication and glory, delivering a rich, ostensibly masculine scent that would also wear stunningly sexy on any woman, rich in creamy coffee, suede leather, incense and exotic spice, sweet and rich, yet subtly powdery and nimble, dignified but far from stolid. Waking up in Moda, crossing the Bosphorus for a balmy night in Karaköy- a fragrance as dynamic and intriguing as Istanbul itself.”

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

NoseKarine Chevallier
SeasonMay Vary By Wearer
SoundtrackSmall Swinging Istanbul by Kosma, 2005

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