Cologne: Two Ways

LOOK AGAIN: On Bortnikoff: “When you have access to raw materials as exceptionally high quality as those used in Bortnikoff scents, the word “cologne” should never be mistaken to mean a fragrance is light or fleeting. Instead, it’s an invitation to discover the tremendous amount of depth that the traditionally fresh style can contain- something we first learned with their ambergris-laden Amber Cologne. But Musk Cologne is something else altogether, an arresting combination of vibrant citrus, smooth florals, and rich, warm musk that thrums with sensual energy that simply must be experienced to be believed.” On Byredo: “The classic cologne has hit home with gentlemen everywhere, polite and poised like a sharp sidepart and a taper cut. Citrusy and crisp, fleeting in its solidity, it has been fitted with a younger and less formal suit, appropriate to Sunday relaxation.”

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

HouseBortnikoff + Byredo
OriginThailand + Sweden/France
FragranceMusk Cologne + Sunday Cologne
Year2019 + 2011
NoseDmitry Bortnikov + Jerome Epinette/Ben Gorham
GenderU/F + U
SeasonSpring/Summer + Summer/Spring
Size/Cost50ml/$280 + 50ml/$180
Source/LinkLuckyscent: Musk Cologne + Sunday Cologne
SoundtrackOrange by Dan Weiss Trio Plus 1, 2019
Rating78% + 89%

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