Straight To The Heart

GET IT TWISTED: “Delicately blending some of the most exclusive ingredients known to perfumery, this fragrance is pure luxury, bottled. The mystifying texture of Oud in all its dark opulence is vivified with a flicker of Rose. At its heart, the warm unfading glow of Immortelle irradiates a floral woody backbone of Orris and modern Amberwood, wrapping the Oud in an incandescent golden cloak of luxury.” When I asked Scents of Wood about their barrel aging process they shared: “I see this as both a way to imbue our scents with more woodiness while adding an unexpected element to our perfumers’ palette.”

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

HouseScents of Wood / L’Âme du Bois
FragranceOud in Acacia
NoseYves Cassar
SeasonFlexible, Meditative
Color/TonePurply Reds
Size/Cost75ml / $240
Source/LinkScents of Wood / L’Âme du Bois
SoundtrackAcacia by Xavier Charles / Jacques Di Donato, 2018
AtmosphereThe Bedroom or A Masquerade Ball

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