Reboot Your Senses

WAY UP NORTH Y’ALL!: “Everyone’s favorite multi-faced murderer, Arya is the psychopath we all wish we could be. Her namesake scent, therefore, is bold, tart, and spicy, with notes of frankincense and sandalwood….The Stark family sigil and beloved pet to each of the children, Direwolf naturally starts with a big bite….Frozen Embers. This simple rose and oud scent is our version of simple elements coming together to make something more amazing than the sum of its parts…This is Daenerys now, at her full power, with her adult dragons ready to burn the patriarchy and all these old white men down. (We know that feeling well.)…Oh Gregor, you gigantic, zombie guard. Nobody with the nickname “The Mountain” would be particularly delicate. Just, you know, don’t stick our faces in the fire for saying that.

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

FragrancesA Selection of Five Inspired by Game of Thrones
NoseAndrea Fender
Season/MoodBinge Atomizing Time Capsule
Atmosphere297 AC, Westeros – Long Ago + Far Away
Size/CostVaries, all under $46
SoundtrackThe Inner Geometry Of Murder (Medieval Dub) by Jarboe, 2002

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