Aromatic Mirage

Sybaris was described by Herodotus as a powerful city, yet one of opulence and luxury, founded in 720 BC, on the Ionian coast, now Calabria in southern Italy. Rich spices and precious wood are reunited in a carnal blend for ardent lovers of life. Racy birchtar and aromatic lavender intertwine with the intoxicating patchouli to create a powerful animalic accord. This sophisticated gender neutral scent represents the witness of the origin. Like a conductor, it creates the vibrant variations in order to reinvent each fragrant symphony.”

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

HouseMaison Sybarite
NoseAntoine Lie
AtmosphereToo Cool for School
SeasonLate Summer through Spring Thaw
Size/Cost75ml / $185
SourceMaison Sybarite
SoundtrackMuted Birch-logs by Sheriffs of Nothingness, 2020

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