Fruit of the Vine

FLORAL DOUBLE-TAKE: “The cistern is an architectural resource for storing water, generally potable and widely used in Andalusian Spain. Aljibe Extrait De Parfum represents the garden of an Andalusian cistern, where everything revolves around a dry floral body, and a green outlet on a base with a wet stone effect. Daring and particular, Aljibe stands out as one of the fragrances with the most peculiar elegance among Ricardo Ramos Perfumes de Autor line.”

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HouseRicardo Ramos Perfumes de Autor
NoseJorge Lee
ConcentrationExtrait de Parfum
SeasonShades of Spring into Summer
Source/LinkRicardo Ramos Perfumes de Autor
SoundtrackCistern 1 by Doublends Vert, 2005

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