Hypnotic, Exotic, Quixotic

Intended, in part, to evoke bucolic memories of perfumer, Christian Rosenkreuz’ Bavarian study. Windows open to receive fresh heather and bitter herbs from the verdant splendour that is the end of summer blends with the aroma of his musty volumes of yellowed parchment and rich sweet tobacco notes from the humidor. Transported by this fragrance, Rosenkreuz could visit a time when the nights had become crisp and he would seek the warmth and comfort of his favorite tweed, settle into his over-sized wing chair that smelled of ancient woods and peat, and lose himself to the scent of paper, ink and vellum that lifted from the book on his lap by the crackling hearth.

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

HouseEuphorium Brooklyn
Fragrance100 Tweeds
NoseStephen Dirkes
SeasonAutumn/Winter/Early Spring
SourceEuphorium Brooklyn
Soundtrackheathland by hecq, 2017

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