One Day We’ll Be Free

OUTSIDE IN: “The scent your new lover leaves behind brings comforting familiarity with a tinge of longing. Inhale deeply and you’re filled with a yearning that makes your heart race and your stomach flutter. With every inhalation, you go from craving to contentment and back again. Caribou’s Can’t Do Without You is a song that plays to that intensity. This is a scent reminiscent of the ethereal bliss and rollercoaster ride of burgeoning love…or is it simply just desire?Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

HouseEQ Factories
FragranceCan’t Do Without You
NoseErin Quinn
Season/MoodLate Spring through Early Autumn
Size/Cost10ml / $43
Source/LinkEQ Factories
SoundtrackCan’t Do Without You by Caribou, 2014

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