Pillowy + Billowy

This one has sex appeal to spare, proudly flaunting its tremendous sensuality…Heads turn towards the arousing scent  of wet, tanned bodies, heating in the sun. The full-on charisma of a Bond Girl, or Bond himself.  We see ourselves, in long daringly low-cut evening dress or tuxedo,  leaning over the gambling table, charmed, captivated. A summer that can last all year round.”

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

HouseVoyages Imaginaires
FragranceLe Grand Jeu
NoseCamille Goutal & Isabelle Doyen
ConcentrationEDP (100% Natural)
SeasonAll Summer All The Time
Size/Cost75ml (refillable) / $228
Source/LinkVoyages Imaginaires
SoundtrackBond Number by Coh, 2014

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