Take A Bite

A beautiful, fascinating, sophisticated, regal woman… and truly lethal, like the fragrance named after her. When we conjure up an image of Lucrezia, her figure becomes hazy. She is such a universal and powerful character that she fills every nook of her reverberating strength, just as this fragrance evolves in its compelling bouquet. Precious flowers with a hypnotic scent, so persuasive and exotic as to create the unique allure of mystery and charm, so ruthlessly lethal and dangerous. The perfume is blended like a lethal secret potion and, like a true femme fatale, attracts and enchants, and once someone is under its spell they are captured and captivated forever with no chance of escaping…

HouseV Canto by Terenzi
NosePaolo Terenzi
ConcentrationExtrait de Parfum
SeasonFlexible (will warm your heart)
AtmosphereBarefoot on Velvet
Size/Cost15-100ml / $79-275
SourceSo Avant Garde
SoundtrackPear by Gnesis, 2015

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