Incubated Distractions

Human Heads deliver a whopping sensory twofer; a vial of fragrant oil for your proboscis and six doses of throbbing-synth-extrusions and poetry-speak-sung for your inky flappers. On listening, it’s the overall heaviness what mugs me first – narrative and synthetic. ‘You shouldn’t have met’ is a slice of crafty street recording, school kids on the blab rapping on death, that’s soon dive-bombing deeply like Sabbath picked up a couple of Korg SB-100’s rather than them dirty guitars…

If you want to explore more sounds like this try Toneshift (Mixcloud).

LabelFractal Meat Cuts
OriginUK (Scotland)
ProjectIn the Afternoon – Olfactory Edition
ArtistClara Weale (Library of Olfactive Material, Glasgow) w/Human Heads
SeasonThe Unexpected Has Arrived
Size/CostSample Vial + Download Code / $11 (shipping only to UK; Cassette version also available)
SourceFractal Meat Cuts (Bandcamp)
SoundtrackIn The Afternoon (excerpts) by Human Heads, 2021

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