Re-Retro in Pinstripes

The folks at Penhaligon’s say: “Vivid yet subtle, No. 33 is a classic cologne-style fragrance with lasting power. Shimmering and tart, 33 emulates the bounce in your step on the sunniest of days, and the crisp lines of your best suit, freshly laundered. Bergamot, orange and grapefruit form a virtual yellow diamond set atop this scent. Bergamot’s zingy, juicy energy is offset by orange’s more sugared quality, and grapefruits stark, dry texture. Armoise introduces a minty, woodsy fresh sweetness that comprises the beginning of a phase of herbal cool. Coriander sparkles, enriching this fragrance with a soapy pop, while clary sage strikes an earthier tone, with its slightly fuzzy animalism.”

Click play to learn more about how this made me feel.

FragranceNo. 33
NoseMike Parrot
SoundtrackCologne by Stefan Gubatz, 2016

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