when the formula mixed up during my first-time workshop at zapah lab. it was a mimic of my favorite bubble tea on 933 peachtree st ne, atlanta, ga. but the name of JOYFUL HUMAN was created when the world suddenly turned upside down last winter (2019-20). since i went to study in the us, i missed the spring festival with family in china 5 times. sometimes, i have to believe that something was meant to be. i was planned to be with family for 1 month but have never thought that time would be extended almost forever. JOYFUL HUMAN was a kind of placebo at that time. it takes me back to my joyful time, and also give me hope that JOYFUL HUMAN is going to beat the virus.”

HouseZapah Lab / Olfactory Playground
Fragrancejoyful human
NoseTianu Cheng
Season/MoodMinimal, Meditative
Size/Cost30ml / $65
SourceOlfactory Playground
SoundtrackThe Time Passes Swiftly In Joyful Endeavours by Rapoon, 2009

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