Dark Flowers of Curiousity

A truly Bohemian fragrance based on historical information of the ethnic culture’s roots, religions, attitudes and landscape. An optimistic top note of apple blossom paves the way for a walk in Bohemia’s ancient forests of pine, birch and cedar. Incense lends a balsamic smokiness, facilitating a connection between Mother Nature and one’s inner-being. The fragrance’s intensely feral base is hard to ignore, lending a raw, vulnerable feeling, but also an expansive sense of freedom. We would comfortably place this beauty into the modern-vintage category.”

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

HouseHouse of Gray Fragrance
NosesEugene and Emrys Au
SeasonWinter + Autumn
Source/LinkAve Parfum
SoundtrackThe Bohemian Club by Vin Sol, 2019

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