Mesopotamian Serenity

In the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the seven wonders of the world, Amytis of Media, wife of the great king, rediscovers her native land: the woody mountains of cypress, cedar, and almond trees, fig orchards, quince, pomegranate, and orange trees. It is in this Eastern paradise where Mušhuššu, the protective genius, envelops us in a trail of scents carried by oud, the wood of the gods.”

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HouseFiilit (Parfum du Voyage)
FragranceMušhuššu – Babalonia
NoseStéphanie Bakouche
AtmosphereSolemn, Contemplative
SeasonLate Summer to Spring Thaw
Size/Cost50ml / $60
SoundtrackThe Advent Of Babylon (1996 Original 12 Mix) by Radius

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