Pineward Foursome

“Pineward perfumes capture abandoned alpine farmsteads, boreal bracken and briars, frost-laden and fog-blanketed firs, loam-covered logs, prickles of pine, thickly thicketed thistles, rotting rooted carpets, morel mushroom mycelium, sap encrusted spruces, misty, murky, mossy, forests up in a stoppered bottle. My hope is that wearing Pineward perfume will transport you to remote untamed forests far, far, past the reaches of civilization and into primeval black woods of fantasy…”

FragranceApple Tabac, Bindebole, Murkwood, Oxylus
NoseNicholas Nilsson
ConcentrationParfum Extrait
SeasonGood Homes, Gardens, Forests, Oh My!
Size/CostVarious Sizes / $20-128
SoundtrackNatural Encounter by Christoph Heemann, 1993
Rating86%, 90%, 89%, 87%

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