Guest Spotlight: 4160 Tuesdays

Welcome to our second of five episodes of Guest Spotlight! This miniseries welcomes a group of exciting perfume reviewers + enthusiasts who are also on Instagram. This short series will run the length of the week of April 26-30, 2021 and each day we will feature two perspectives on two different fragrances from the same house – perfumers from five different countries! Today it is our pleasure to welcome, all the way from the Emerald Isle, We Are Scentient and we are honing in on the house of 4160 Tuesdays (UK) today. First up, they will wax poetically about Rosa Ribes and then we, Notetaking, will cover Eau My Soul. Here we go:

4160Tuesdays is an artisan perfumery based in London where we’ve been hand-making adventurous scents since 2011. We create all our perfumes in small batches of 50-200 bottles at our Hamnmersmith studio, where we also run fragrance-making workshops. Our perfumes are inspired by a place or a person at a certain moment, and created by our perfumer, Sarah McCartney (who isn’t related to any of the other more famous McCartneys but she does get asked quite often).” 

Rosa Ribes
audio by We Are Scentient

Eau My Soul
audio by Notetaking

Soundtrack: 24 Need Your Light (Influx Dub Version) by 36 & awakened souls, 2021
Rating: 88%

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