Cognoscenti x Trois

As a painter, architect and designer, Dannielle Sergent is an artistic creator by trade. Her passion for fragrance, and the desire to blend old-world craftsmanship with a modern day sensibility, provided the inspiration for her creative foray into the world of scent.Sergent’s decision to create a unisex fragrance line stems from the historical origins of perfume, as well as the fact that she herself has always worn both men’s and women’s fragrances. Avoiding sweet and overly floral blends, the result is collection of  fragrances that are woody, herbal, aromatic and elegant…

FragranceNo. 1 Bergamot Sage, No. 17 Civet Chypre, No. 30 Hay Incense
NoseDannielle Sergent
Season/MoodFluid, Free, Fierce
Size/Cost5-100ml / $30-225
Soundtrackxolotl by flint glass, 2021
Rating84%, 87%, 93%

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