Ilk in Quartet

FRAGRANCES: Devious, Fantasist, Libertine, Virtuous
YEAR: 2020
NOSE: Annabella Fasano-Leslie + Holly Hutchinson
CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum
SIZE/COST: 50ml / $164

Devious: While all these fragrances are layer-able and unisex, I’m going to explore them one at a time, starting here with Devious. This opens up like oozing liquid gold, and then the dancefloor ditty ‘I Love The Nightlife (Disco ‘Round)’ starts to re-play in my head. This reminds me of some of the best club nights ever. The spice is tight and right. It’s like wood and tobacco and sin. You can call it the devious seducer. That bitter almond scent could be a liqueur or a dangerous toxin, you pick your poison!? One thing is certain, however, this is a honeyed elixir for exciting taboos yet uncovered. And to top it all off this has the double warm and fuzzy blend of tonka and vanilla, making all this “swill” go down so well! One sniff and you’re goin’ down fella. Recommended for vixens and villains everywhere. (85%)

Notes: Spiced Bergamot, Bitter Almond, Amaretto, Cherry Liqueur, Chambord, Cyanide, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Tonka, Vanilla, Sandalwood

Fantasist: What an otherworldly fragrance is this! I’m instantly reminded of an open-air electronic music festival that I attended years back in Barcelona. The faint smell of cannabis floating in the air, the collective, ecstatic energy brewing up from the crowd – all thinly segmented by a refined array of citrus. It’s a smoky, candied incense that is all modern day hipster, with a ‘look at me’ filter to wield-off the annoying eccentricities. It’s a pure color spectrum, a contemporary psychedelic work of perfume that is, for no other excuse for words, a stunner! It’s Summertime, and living is clearer, more transparent, but Fantasist makes things iridescent all around you. There’s a musky smoke at the heart here, but synchronously it’s all so feather light in the way in which it feels like a very new dimension in fragrance. (88%)

Notes: Grapefruit, Cannabis, Pink Peppercorn, Apple, Arabian Jasmine, Coffee, Tonka Bean, Incense, Musk, Pink Praline

Libertine: A bit more of an introverted plume. This has some darkly shadowed corners and crevices. It’s bitter yet smooth, slightly boozy and perhaps somewhat vexing in its compositional character. You get a deep amber booziness with a twist of citrus zest and rind, it’s as if the oils of the fruit have really bled right through. In terms of its spices, they are a bit on the fleshy side, offering the human touch to an otherwise enigmatic outlander. This may just quench your hedonistic need for the deep chill of Autumn into the bleak Winter. If you’ve ever been on the other side of a Manhattan or Old Fashioned with a maraschino sunk to the bottom of the glass, cozied up to a roaring fireplace – you are getting warmer….(84%)

Notes: Bitter Orange, Cognac, Wax, Bitter Orange Flower, Dark Rose, Cumin, Saffron, Casanova Leather, Amber, Dark Woods

Virtuous: This reminds me of something woolen just removed from a dryer, and the scent of static still lingers. But right after that initial ‘shock’ I get a clean wash of herbs and something slightly medicinal flavored by plum, perhaps? The stems are pastel, and this may be emulating Sunday high services at an old stone cathedral, a splash of holy water as you enter, and those well-worn leather pews. This is only a projection, but with a name like Virtuous, this sort of reminds me of the month of May, and a procession, crowing a statue of Mother Mary with lilacs and heather. It’s a Roman Catholic thang, but the incense in this is a hybrid, and quite spatial. If you are looking for an alternative to the Comme des Garçons incense collection, it has arrived. (83%)

Notes: Watery Basil, Thyme Wormwood, Stone Steps, Sage, Lily, Sacred Violet, Ancient incense, Oakwood, Moss, Worn Leather

Recommended Soundtrack: Future Sound of London (on repeat)

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