Meo Fusciuni Four Ways

Born from the definition of artistic perfume as olfactory memory, Meo Fusciuni blend fragrances that recall moments of life lived, in a unique and exciting collection, the olfactory vision of a modern and nomad artist. Today Meo Fusciuni is an Italian independent brand, where the planning got boundaries in research of olfactory memory, yesterday nomad traveling, today in poetry, tomorrow mysticism. Meo Fusciuni is odorous liquid and matter that contains it, the poetic language that tells it is contained in a fragrance, a journey that lasts a lifetime….”

HouseMeo Fusciuni
FragrancesLittle Song, Nota di Viaggio (Ciavuru D’amuri), Notturno, Varanasi
NoseGiuseppe Imprezzabile
SeasonSpringtime Personified
Size/Cost100ml / $205-280
SoundtrackTim Hecker’s Harmony in Ultraviolet, 2006

Little Song: Up front this sounds like a full-throated chorus rather than a lil’ song. From this moment on I get a robustly driven ginger/coffee combo that is quite intriguing – not one I would have put together from two of my favorite things. This starts to become more dispersed and fleeting after only a few minutes time. It stays bittersweet and ultra elegant in its aromatic ripples. There’s a blush from petals, and a nice dash of smokiness, likely a drier tobacco and/or vanilla note infused with some speckled peppery spices. An incredibly complex perfume that plays in and around somber corners, its mystical in its own special way. With a bit of dark rooted resin most wearers will notice the lightest animalic, like fur brushing up against your leg, a passing moment, a connection with wildlife. From the latter part of the mid point into the wee hours of wearing you get a situated musk that has a slight post-boozy accord that lingers on into sleepy time. It somehow centers me. (2018, 90%)

Bergamot, Ginger, Pink Pepper, Turkish Rose Abs, Coffee extract, Liatris, Tobacco Abs, Vetiver Bourbon, Civet, Sage Abs, Musk, Cistus Labdanum Abs

Nota di Viaggio (Ciavuru D’amuri): This perfume is presented in a slow motion time-released way. It’s soft at first, almost like a vanilla coconut cream (though neither is listed in the note breakdown) with a hint of dry, unripe fig. A powdery citrus that has a velvet-like sheen. It smells clean and cozy and would appeal in any season, likely mostly in Summertime. The florals are milky and unbelievably supple. It’s breathy and congenial. This is one of those rare fragrances that is cloud like, as if you are drawing of it, and then, it’s there! Sandalwood provides a most graceful base, and its like a continuous surface that extends toward infinity. This wears as an exclusively intimate perfume with a silken touch. (2019, 86%)

Fig leaves, Bergamot, Artemisia, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Cedarwood, Benzoin, Powder, Sandalwood

Notturno: Wow, this will twirl your eyelids! It packs a fruity/boozy punch, yes like a rum infused punch of tropical fruit and spices. It’s a show stopping opening, so alive and almost entertaining – it brought an instant mischievous smile. I’m unsure what I was expecting from a fragrance that is about “the night” but it makes me long for those midnight adventures by moonlight. Once the bravado comes down a bit I start to understand this much more, it’s leathery nuances mixed with an enticing incense stirs up memories of Cape Cod, taking risks, being in the woods of the Pacific Northwest, and an Italian bakery of endless confections – all whirled into one frothy concoction. This is like reading the newspaper the day after a wild night out and trying to recount the best parts despite any residual blur. Honestly, this falls between wild thing, gourmand and a hybrid of good times. I cannot imagine anyone not enjoying this, other than the overly analytical. This has to be one of my favorite fragrances this year, by far. In heaven, enraptured in a hedonistic joyride! (2012, 94%)

Rum, Pear, Pineapple, Ink, Leather, Clove, Birch, Amber, Musk, Incense, Cedarwood

Varanasi: So I get a poof of powderyness and a definitive sense of animalia from the start. It’s that slightly funky age old musk with spices that attempt to tamp down the fauna somewhat. This seems like an offering to wildlife, and the only in this mix that I imagine communing with feminine spirits moreso than others. It’s strangely complex, at one moment it has this clearness, and then it’s foggy and dense, and in between it bends and twists to the whims of nature. I’m getting Eastern spices, but they are not pungent, they are more of a caress on the outer sensory layers. There’s a damp earthiness, like just cut hardened roots, I get some soil, a faded balsamic accord and the lightest of florals, jasmine is in the air. It’s really a unique fragrance that is more about metamorphosis, and changing of seasons moreso than anything else. This is named after the spiritual capital of India, and the amber and incense infused here are calming energies.
(2020, 82%)

Saffron, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Incense, Grey Amber, Jasmine, Rose, Ambrette, Cypriol, Spikenard, Vetiver, Oud, Gurjum, Leather, Animal Notes

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