A Trio from Mihan Aromatics

“Familial scents that rise to occasion. A strategic underlining for all matter of characters. Aromas that conjure heartache, hubris and harmony. Designed and developed in Australia..”

HOUSE: Mihan Aromatics
ORIGIN: Australia
FRAGRANCES: Mikado Bark, Sienna Brume, Untitled
NOSE: Josh and Julia Mihan
SIZE/COST: 30-100ml / $71-174

Mikado Bark (EDP, 2017): This is my second attempt to review this trio as the first was lost to a computer glitch. I do not mind whatsoever. It gives me even further reason to delve into one of my favorite houses that offers three rather intimate fragrance experiences. Mikado Bark opens with a sense of the early morning, a foggy misty day with a hint of bright spice breaking the barrier between low lighting conditions like an ambient sensor and the mystical forest breaching your four walls. The woody/spicy hues are perfectly subdued with a welcome patchouli which is more a sign than a song/dance. Odd but true, it also reminds me of donning that thin plastic protective cap worn after having a new hairdo, rushing home on a misty day, and removing said covering to let off any residual steam (says the bald man). This is for intimate domestic days off, staying in for the duration. It’s airy and delightful. (87%)

Notes: Autumn Dew, Sage, Cinnamon Bark, Clove, Patchouli, Virginian Cedarwood

Sienna Brume (EDP, 2017): Warm, creamy vanilla and coconut, it’s a frothy and tropical treat, not quite like a boozy drink, yet truly ethereal. It offers a much more open air perspective of the note of coconut, especially for those not big fans of the note in perfume – and I get you. This is thanks to the cool cucumber that adds that slight dash of that green vegetal aroma. It’s softly balsamic, yet presented plein-air. Another quite intimate skin scent, this one will make a believer out of naysayers of that whole beach thang in perfume – this just has a romantic aura but keep in mind, its super lightweight, but this work truly in ints favor in my opinion. It literally disappears on your skin, becoming one with your being. It’s like having a thin, light coconut dust gliding on your forearms, chest or wherever works best. (84%)

Notes: Sea Air, Bergamot, Soft Coconut, Cucumber, Vanilla, Juniper Berry, Copaiba

Untitled (EDP, 2020): Lastly is one of the house’s newest creations. For now it has no name (per se) however, I think it’s cleverly presented for the wearer to choose where they want it to take them. Anything that offers an open-ended, self-guided choice is always one worth exploring. However, the perfume offers plenty of inference for such mind meandering within the breathing room embedded. There’s a smokiness I find alluring, that and a definitive coastal dalliance, sand and surf and salt air. Oh, for those who have been anywhere along the shore in Summertime you will likely resonate with this limited edition (only 500 bottles!). This reminds me of wetsuits and boardwalks in Costa Mesa, it may remind you of the Great Barrier Reef of the Gulf or Amalfi Coastlines. What truly centers and grounds this is the grainy leather accord which is a bit like zipping down the Pacific Coast Highway in a classic convertible with all its zigzags, topless and free to follow the horizon line…. (91%)

Notes: Lemon Rind, Sea Salt, Leather, Surf Wax, Vanilla, Australian Buddawood, Australian Sandalwood

Recommended Soundtrack:
The Quatsi Trilogy by Philip Glass, 1982-2002


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