Malin + Goetz – We Three Greens

“A collection of eau de parfums + perfume oils inspired by traditional apothecary ingredients + favorite memories from founders Matthew Malin + Andrew Goetz. elevated through the modern pairing of opposite but complementary notes, each dynamic scent is formulated for everyday wear + gender-neutral appeal.…”

HOUSE: Malin + Goetz
FRAGRANCE: Bergamot, Cannabis, Vetiver
SIZE/COST: 50-100ml / $95-165

Bergamot: It’s a nice, clean and green fresh scent, the green here being citrus of course. What I get is lime, it’s animated, lithe, refreshing. This will perk you up. While I enjoy a fragrance like this for all it’s Summery leanings, this has a bit of generic feel as though I’ve smelled this several times before, so it does not, to my olfactory capacitors, cover any new ground. It’s fairly linear and doesn’t stray too far off the path in which the opening sets in place, however it is tastefully presented. The one thing it has going for it, that you may not find in many (if any) others, is the note of bell pepper. This is innovative though it’s probably the only vaguely earthy element here which grounds this — but its quite the pale green blush and not as bitter as you’d expect. All in this is a great fragrance for newbies to the world of perfume in general. (2016, 81%)

Notes: bell pepper, ginger, mint, lime, musk, wood notes, bergamot

Cannabis: It has the allure, the approach, the ‘mystère’ of the cannabis bud without the actual ‘strange’ quality. It’s more like hemp than actual green grass. Though the warmer it gets on skin, and conforms to your body heat, the more this has that lingering enigmatic sensation. I get the citrus loud and clear, though it sort of snakes in and out of consciousness the deeper you sniff. This is more of a refined woody fragrance with these distinctive floral flourishes than anything else. This does not smell of cannabis to me, it’s not ‘that’ green, but it offers a comforting reprieve from the urban slog. The note of patchouli, which I forever associate with the distant ‘wreak’ of pot smoke is a perfect companion and is quite nice in the composition overall. This is like an old set of various semi-precious gemstones that just had a rightful cleaning, there’s a sparkle in its nuances, yet there’s something vintage built-in. It’s worth a second wearing for sure. (2010, 86%)

Notes: muguet, magnolia, black pepper, bergamot, cedarwood, patchouli, sandalwood

Vetiver: The one thing I appreciate about this house that normally provides skin care products and the like, is that when it comes to fragrance they do not come off as simply ‘one note’ even though their names may imply. If someone blindly put this to my nose and asked me what this was I’d likely say something like grapes or dew. As for their ‘Vetiver’ fragrance the addition of celery seed, at least to me, is a brilliant stroke, completely unexpected and almost hard to identify – but when seen in black and white I hit my head in recognition. For me this has all that green edge without being overt about it, it oozes chlorophyll from he edges, almost subliminally. This one is the driest of this trio, and it sneaks up on your senses, takes you by surprise really. It’s slightly woody, slightly with these resinous values that are so subtle and dreamy. It’s a sleeper. (2016, 88%)

Notes: grass, citrus peel, celery seed, amber, guaiacwood, vetiver

Recommended Soundtrack:
Above Black by S.E.T.I. (1998)

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