UFO Parfums Trio

UFO Parfums is a fine fragrance brand inspired by rave culture, using luxury materials. UFO Parfums does not recognize gender constructs in perfumery and believes deeply in social justice. All UFO Parfums fragrances, candles, and products are handmade with care in Los Angeles.

HOUSE: UFO Parfums
FRAGRANCES: Hentai, Literal Volcano, Liquid
NOSE: Maxwell Williams
DATE: 2019-2020
SIZE/COST: 50ml / $120

Hentai: The one in the green cap is altogether, well, green up at the top. This is like hemp, hash and an herbal halo rolled in one, so earthy and dimensional. After the first minute or so, as this floats just above the surface it offers a dazzling show, soft and silken but warm and a lil’ bubbly. This references the seedier side of manga and anime, however for those not privy, this will just be a paradox, one that is quite slow to reveal itself, the pungent yet suede-like side of cannabis and communing with Mother Earth in a most organic way. This is the scent of daybreak. It’s like the soft smoke of burning brush in the distance. Fair Warning: this gets darker and more self-aware as you wear it, it might awaken the spirits of mushrooms and microgreens, so watch wear you step. The verdant plume offers a musky trail that will last for several hours on your corporeal being.

Notes: velvet, nut, fantasies, musk
Rating: 88%

Literal Volcano (w/Los Angeles Metaphysical Library): Its like a spicy smoke at the top, an incomparable cloud of cultivated incense celebrating the trees and their natural by products. OK, I lean in to ask myself if I’ve all but literally died and rose into the heavens as this has may deepest desires embedded within. Not only does its smoky magnetism delight, it does so without a simple acrid obfuscation, and extends the allure with the perfect partner here, clove. Now, for many clove can smell either only like a holiday ham or pumpkin spice, but let me assure you, this concoction is blended with nth degree nuances. This is intense for those who like to engage in the brightest and the darkest, for the adventurer, the risk-taker. To me this is ‘the fire within’ – it’s got that hypnotizing factor that comes from one of our most precious elements, yet its both a warm campsite and a molten aftermath. A conundrum, yes – but one I can certainly live with. Embrace your inner lumberjack (or arsonist…nah!). Some people’s paradise is others’ hell, so there. Truly unique high art perfume.

Notes: choya nakh, sustainable incenses, clove bud, birch tar, cade, guaiacwood, extraordinary heat
Rating: 94%

Liquid (w/Come Tees): Another strong offering that is likely the most complex of this set. I get woodiness and citrus, something from the blue and from the green columns. I almost am imagining a pear accord, something juicy – likely that is partly coming from the herbal blue tansy which has a sweet fruity spirit. I’m unsure if I’ve ever smelled it in this light, actually, I can confirm this is an entirely contemporary presentation of this Middle Eastern flora. And even though this includes one of my favorite notes on the planet, juniper berry, it is quite subliminal, and may help relay the way in which the whole perfume sings. This compound work is to be contended with, though I’d imagine this would appeal to both the ladies that lunch and even the most brutish among us. It’s got something soft like heather, and a notable fruity glow with a chaser of wooden shavings that give off the impressions of a harmonious forest. Liquid is vast, open-minded and ended. There too lies the conundrum during times of climate change, and the way we once were. This is a love letter (and a wink) to the senses.

Notes: poplar buds, Moroccan blue tansy, tangerine, juniper berry, ambergris, Texas cedarwood
Rating: 89%

Recommended Soundtrack:
A listening session of recordings on Black Truffle

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