Covert + Mystic

A mythical destination: New York. A legendary liner: the Normandie. A bottle blue like the Atlantic Ocean. A new olfactive odyssey: Hommage à l’homme Voyageur. This Masculine fragrance is a woody and spicy scent imbued with confident masculinity and refined elegance, in which two beautiful raw materials from perfumery come together: oud wood and violet.”

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

HouseLalique Parfums
FragranceHommage A L’Homme Voyageur
NoseMichel Almairac and Mylène Alran
AtmosphereBreaking Into Treasure Chest
MoodCuriously Calming
Size/Cost50ml / $92
SourceSo Avant Garde
SoundtrackVoyager by George Lewis, 2000

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