Happy Go Lightly

Debaser’s refrain, “I am un chien andalusia, ” is a nod to the title of Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí’s classic surrealist film. Black Francis said of Buñuel, “I wish Buñuel were still alive. He made this film about nothing in particular. The title itself is a nonsense.” D.S. and Durga’s Debaser is therefor a tribute to a song about a film about “nothing in particular.” And fittingly, it’s a fragrance that becomes even more compelling in its drydown, when it sheds the specificity of its figgy verisimilitude.”

HouseDS & Durga
FragranceI Don’t Know What
NoseDavid Seth Moltz
SeasonSummery, Fun of Light + But Skies.
Size/Cost100ml / $260 – or – 50ml / $175 (pocket perfume also available)
SourceDS & Durga
SoundtrackEnhancement by Fluxion, 2000

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