Subliminal Vetiver

IN B/W + GREEN: “Masque Milano has gained a well-earned reputation as a launching pad for young talent- a brand that takes chances on up-and-coming noses and gives them the freedom to discover their creative voices. So when they met IFF trainee Fanny Bal, apprenticing under the legendary Dominique Ropion, and heard of her facility and ingenuity with vetiver, a seed was planted. And who better to dedicate a scent built around vetiver- rough and spicy, earthy and sweet, rich and complex- than Ernest Hemingway?.”

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

HouseMasque Milano
Fragrance(homage to) Hemingway
NoseFanny Bal
SeasonSpring + Fall + Winter
SoundtrackGinger by Polder, 2008

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