Seeing Double Twice: Maison D’Etto

“Maison d’Etto is a luxury brand of artisanal fragrances, created to inspire moments of connection, refection, well being — nurturing the human spirit one moment at a time (01). Gender-neutral creations developed with the intention of being noticed and designed for an undeniable connection, offer a new modern take on luxury fragrance.What does Etto mean? Etto is a combination of Ethics + Motto, created by writer, novelist and female polo player Courtney Maum. It represents the core truths and beliefs you carry with you despite where you are or what you are going through in life. It also stands for “Each To Their Own”. It is a brand that refuses to dictate values and beliefs to its wearer but rather empowers them to explore what Etto uniquely means to them…”

HOUSE: Maison d’Etto
FRAGRANCE: Canaan, Durban Jane, Karat EG, Rotano
RELEASE DATE: 2019-2021
SIZE/COST: 60ml / $250-300

Canaan: Similar but not a fougere, this fragrance offers a spectacular malleability. The spices are pursed and dispersed, and there is this light, almost bay rum essence floating about. I feel as though I’m situated in an exotic tea room in a foreign land I’m unfamiliar with, maybe somewhere along the Strait of Gibraltar or Indonesia. There’s an oud that rises ever so gracefully, the woody accents are delicate as is the pure white floral silky center. This bends in and around the curvature of the feminine in ways that celebrate the boundlessness (and bounty) of gender without being in any way predictable. An indulgent perfume with an open to muted sillage that flickers like a motion picture.

Nose: Celine Barel
Notes: Cardamom, Pimento Leaf, Tuberose Absolute, Neroli, Woody Notes, Tonka, Oud
Rating: 84%

Durban Jane: One word, spectacular! This is one for my personal wheelhouse as it has a complex abundance of subtlety with an ephemeral and enigmatic spice that lifts it on high. It has the slightest sweet muskiness that reads of some type of dark liqueur yet its heart is made of wood. A skillful seducer/seductress, once this has your attention it’s hook, line and sinker. The terpenic quality is warm and wonderful – and this one is for those who truly are seeking the highest quality woody/spicy fragrance that is both fully gender neutral and is for all occasions. This delivers something that references going through old papers, manuscripts, archaic books from an infamous writer long gone – even those passing spirits of mature cigars and pencil shavings are present – yet a lil’ ghostly. A very thought-provoking perfume for the ages.

Nose: Celine Barel
Notes: Pink Pepper, Ambrette, Orange Flower, Orris, Labdanum, Cedarwood, Sandalwood
Rating: 91%

Karat EG: A delightful and slightly boozy rose that plays with the past and present so well. Yes, this has the underpinnings of a classic rose scent, however it’s lightened by amber is a way that challenges convention. So, while it has the sway of balsam its the rose, itself, that makes this a bit of a kaleidoscopic journey. This is dressed up for a night out. Again, the rose, though most certainly the soul center, is aided and abetted by a wondrous patchouli that many will find absolutely insatiable. This is an instant modern day classic in the way in which its composed – it gets your attention without too much bravado, and in doing so, the more you focus, the more its capable of changing right before your olfactory passages. It’s a gorgeous, resolute blend that will keep you on your toes, and light on your feet. It’s subtly sweet, musky, earthy and all-encompassing.

Nose: Carlos Benaïm
Notes: Turkish rose, patchouli, lily of the valley, amber, rose nectar
Rating: 89%

Rotano: This reminds me of a sudden whoosh of air, however its altogether this perfume with an impactful depth. I get a combination of a woody-spicy-airy-earthy accord as if the elements are all e/merging in an avant grade harmony, broken by something that comes to me like soft leather and heather in the same breath. It’s half-toned and burnished finely. This house makes no secret that it reveres all things related to one of the most beautiful animals on the planet, the simple elegance of horses and the associated equestrian lifestyle. Here in Fort Worth I still have not fully grown accustomed to seeing these wild beings, even just several yards from the front door of my studio, no less, on a few rare occasions. Being a fan of draft horses I’ve been nearly eye to eye with the gentle giants, and there’s nothing like seeing yourself reflected in their wide glassy eyes — it’s like stepping inside an alternate reality – and some combination thereof is what I get from this superb composition. This is neck + neck one of my favorites for the crown!

Nose: Carlos Benaïm
Notes: Cypriol, Halo Musk, Stallion Accord, Suede, Myrrh, Cedarwood Heart
Rating: 90%

Recommended Soundtrack:
Selvaggina, Go Back Into The Woods by Coil, 2004

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