Four from Sarah Baker

Inspired by the cultural melting pot and fragrance hub of the Ancient World with its bustling markets and port. Combines oud with the freshness of a cologne tradition. ClasEach of our fragrances tells a story. Each juice whisks you off to fantastic worlds of glamour, adventure, romance or pure hedonism. Their scented tales are inspired by legends, historic figures, art, films and literature. Or they are entirely new, fiction and fantasy conjured up in the mind’s eye. With her works as an artist, Sarah Baker is above all else a storyteller. So, it naturally follows that the house she founded creates scented tales using the medium of fragrance.

HOUSE: Sarah Baker
FRAGRANCE: Bascule, Far from the Madding Crowd, Flame & Fortune, G Clef
SIZE/COST: 50ml / $95

Bascule: Like a blast of heat on an unexpected humid Spring day basking in a country field. The warmth of dried grasses, hay bales and sweet floral blooms, and the sheen of a blushing peach. All so welcoming and velvety, as if wrapped in a thin layer of suede to protect from the harsh rays. This is a bold bouquet that gushes a vital amber glow. This has dramatic flourishes that are frilly and bright, but at the heart is just this complete dewy melt. The longer the wearing the more narcotic the florals become, more like lilies of the valley, the meadowlands, the ornate and formal English garden. But make no mistake this is a bit deceptive as the green stems begin to cloud the space with their rootedness in the dry down bringing the wearer back to Earth, the foundation. (2019, 82%)

Nose: Ashley Eden Kessler
Notes: grass, peach, bergamot, lily of the valley, hay, leather accord, vetiver, amber, musk, fir, tobacco, metal tack

Far from the Madding Crowd: This has a hard echo and a sweeping breadth. The animalic seems elusive, as if only a scent trail lingers like a slick atop a wave along the shore. The mentholated florals are reserved and lurking. This perfume makes sense of two of my least favorite notes of plum and black cassis, they are curvy, inky and perfectly paired with the other accords here in a seamless manner allowing for their unripe peel to be part of the composition. Something youthful, and a little bashful built-in. This is a dark potion with a slight soapy film and an enigmatic structure, like a filter screen. This is a contemporary work that meanders through truly remarkable levels of intense green qualities previously unexplored. This is for those who really are on the edge of all that expresses an acquired taste. One for the ages. (2020, 86%)

Nose: Miguel Matos
Notes: heliotrope, bergamot, petitgrain, eucalyptus, black cassis, myrtle, plum, jasmine, cedar, castoreum accord, musk, oakmoss

Flame & Fortune: First thing this perfume made me think was Sade’s tune ‘The Sweetest Taboo’. It’s sweet and light and its gesture is a strange curled lip. Oh, this is a smile inducer, indeed. It’s one of those good n’ plenty tooty fruity perfumes that takes flight moments after atomized. I’ve never quite smelled anything similar. It has a blush, and prompts one as well. There’s a powdery quality, but instead of a typical poof, more like confectioner’s sugar with orange juice running through its veins. Mind you, this is not at all acidic – it’s a pop of brightness that spreads like watercolors all over your senses and pulse points. There, too, encapsulated, is a waft of booze, sweet and alluring. The white florals in full bloom yet not too noxious, seem at a reasonable level, a playing field that has a tinge of the peculiar, a gray area, just at the edges. It’s rather beguiling to be quite honest. (2016, 85%)

Nose: Sarah Baker
Notes: orange blossom, pink pepper, apricot, ginger, mandarin petitgrain, lily of the valley, iris, jasmine, tuberose, motor oil, labdanum, embers, mezcal

G Clef: Like a rumor spreading (before the advent of social media), the way word used to spread to people outside your inner circle, so the passage of the sillage here goes. I could simply say it oozes in suspended slow motion, but like dry ice, it just continues to flow and erupt in near invisible plumes and foggy curlicues. The balance between citrus, the tart zip of grapefruit here, it mixes with earthy spices to develop a profile that is graceful and gnostic. This offers the sea breeze siren song, an alarm call for tamping down your nerve endings. Altogether eccentric, but fully restrained. G-Clef is music to my olfactory senses, shape-shifting, decoding, the utmost fragile, deeply held sub-rosa of unconsciousness. (2020, 90%)

Nose: Sarah Baker
Notes: grapefruit, hedione, bergamot, lavender, calone, oakmoss, coumarin, amber

Recommended Soundtrack:
Björk’s Vespertine (2001, One Little Indian)

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