A Libertine Quartet

Rather than creating products that jumped on trends to scrape up as many possible sales he dreamt of creating honest objects that sparked joy and intrigue in those that used them. He dreamt of creating things that people could enjoy and love for what it did for them, not how it made them look to the world. In seeking out those things in his own life that created an emotional impact, that gave pause, he began to notice the items that most did that were based around the senses. Objects that very purposefully used materials to create sensory experiences and of all the senses, he found scent to be the most captivating.”

HouseLibertine Fragrance
FragranceEros Fig, Smoked Bloom, Sweet Grass, Troubled Spirits
NoseJoshua Smith
Season/MoodDappled Light in All its Variations
Size/Cost30ml / $110
SourceLibertine Fragrance
SoundtrackScent by Substance, 1998
Rating87%, 80%, 89%, 94%

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