A Layered Trio

“(Audacity) Those of you that wear this be warned. You will become the center of attention, the alpha-male of the room. So wear it with pride.…(Ecstasy) The feeling of joy, sexual tension and happiness transcends into your very own body while wearing this statement-making “here I am” fragrance that will make you the center of attention whenever you wear it….(Layered Signature) The angelical scents of fresh white flowers will mesmerize you, they will dissipate anxiety in a single spray, and will take you to heaven and back.…”

HOUSE: Be Layered
FRAGRANCE: Audacity, Ecstasy, Layered Signature
YEAR: 2019
SIZE/COST: 10-55ml / $25-54

Audacity: This is a very subtle form of ‘audacity’ – instead of causing shock and awe, it has that incredibly slow build that some perfumes possess. This is not quite rose, but adjacent, with lemony woody hues (must be cedar). This one holds its cards close, is rather rounded and milky, with the sweetness of patchouli. It has an inner light, but for me, the oud is uncommon, not smoky, almost a younger agarwood accord styled moreso like a lemon chiffon than a smoldering branch. This will appeal to a spectrum as it is most definitely gender neutral, and in the dry down stage some wearers may perceive the smell of candlewax. There are various sides to this multi-directional perfume. (78%)

Notes: Oud, Guaiac Wood, Cedar, Musk, Patchouli

Ecstasy: A strange one, this. A smudgy, deep-smoke inhalation with an amber undertone. The floral has a green and slightly bitter quality that is most indelicate, causing a high level of intrigue. This fragrance is on its own journey, with hints of dry tobacco and withdrawn, earthly aspects. I’m getting a minor note of cannabis (though it’s not at all listed). In a way what I do get makes me feel like a trip to Amsterdam experiencing second hand herbal smoke rings. But please don’t get me wrong, this isn’t ‘skunky’ or even forbidden – though it dabbles in taboos – which makes it a mind-quenching anomaly. Personally, I am drawn to more cryptic fumes such as this, so it suits me just fine, but I can most certainly tell you this is super unique and will be an acquired taste for some. (84%)

Notes: Amber, Vanilla, Musk, Smoke, Iris, Oud

Layered Signature: The lightest of this trio I can see why this is their ‘Signature’ scent. I have to be upfront, this is a floral forward fragrance, however, done in an incredibly fresh way – not like having a big bouquet launched in your face. It’s got that gentle caress that is inviting. Layered Signature is breathy and quite beautiful actually. There’s definitely a fuzzy peach blush woven into this expertly, it’s just juicy enough without going gourmand. It whispers until it is heard. From the heart through the dry down the perfume has this suspended, silken musk that is fairly voracious. And if you want to be fully immersed is a perfume that is ambrosial, with a sober woody bottom end, well, you have landed on a gem. (87%)

Notes: Magnolia, Blood Orange, Rose, Freesia, Amber, Jasmine, Peach, Musk, Virginia Cedar

Recommended Soundtrack:
Coil’s Love’s Secret Domain, 1991


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