Oakcha – A Special K Trio

“People say fragrances are just for occasions, we believe why not everyday. We remove the traditional markups, with new drops every month. We started our early days selling Perfume Oils and now we are expanding to making Colognes and Perfumes for your everyday life. We work closely with our in-house perfumery and it doesn’t hurt that we’ve spent the past few years perfecting our craft. We can’t wait for you to experience our most exquisite scents. Get ready to impress.”

HOUSE: Oakcha
FRAGRANCE: Kalon, Kayf, Kensho
CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum
SIZE/COST: 30ml / $40

Kalon ( inspiration: Gentle Fluidity Gold ): Ambery spices release warmly, open and with swooning undulation here. I have not experienced the inspiration so cannot comment there but I do like the velvety softness with milky vanilla here. This is a fairly sophisticated offering, clone or not, is worth every cent. The one thing I will say is once sprayed this is fairly linear, enjoyable but not much by way of shift in stages. It pretty much is the warm and fuzzy work of masculine-leaning perfumery with a toned down headiness and a touch of the sweet side. It feels as though it has a dry tobacco accord and a slight boozy layer, though neither is listed in the breakdown. The musk trail extends for a few hours, and overall quite pleasant. (83%)

Notes: Juniper Berry, Nutmeg, Coriander, Musks, Ambery Woods, Vanilla

Kayf ( inspiration: Alexandria Orientale ): I have been fortunate to try a few works by Xerjoff, but not the one in which this has been inspired, which I guess is to a certain advantage when it comes to affordable redux. This has some general similarities to the above fragrance in terms of smoothness, but here we also have a tingling bite that breaks through. It’s fruity without dripping sweetness, and it blends a leather note with green essences really well. Those greens are not necessarily just fresh cut, rather there’s a dryness in the air. The spices are dramatically nuanced in such a way that it feels as though a mixologist has been involved in tincturing special brews for this one. This is a tobacco fragrance through and through and though it boasts oud I only get the slightest, vaguest whiff, no smoke cloud, nothing that fumes and mesmerizes. But once the vanilla fully takes hold, it’s like a spice has opened, outpouring this magical swirl that starts to depict an upper crust stage set, an old library, lots of ancient volumes, a refined liquor cabinet and big old leather appointments – a stylish fragrance. (87%)

Notes: Green Apple, Basil, Incense, Leather, Italian Orris Root, Bulgarian Rose, Coriander, Virginian Cedarwood, Amber, Sandalwood, Musk, Tobacco Leaf, Oud, Madagascar Vanilla

Kensho ( inspiration: Regent Leather ): Since I have never tried the house of Thameen upon which this is an offshoot, I am thrilled only to have a glimpse into the world of the luxury British house (or some semblance thereof). First thing I have to say about this is the plastic caps on all of these which cheapen the overall presentation to be honest, they are far too toy like (they saved the $ for the ‘juice’), though I do like the matte black bottles and the gilded text and atomizers. Of this trio, this selection seems the most peculiar and timeless. Another definitively leather fragrance it seems contemporary, and then it dials me way back into late 80’s Malibu Beach, and the Jersey Shore. It brings up stored memory while acting on sensual impulses that have been threaded away for some time. The woody hues are just great, warm, thrilling, soft, burnished, agitating the more rambunctious side of the wearer (potentially). It’s a refined fragrance that has a paler side amid the rich patchouli that ignites that noted, tactile voluptuousness. The dry down stage offers a silkiness and delicately thin wood shavings that bring out a robust purr. Gorgeous. (88%)

Notes: Vanilla, Lemon, Leather, Saffron, Labdanum, Gurjum Balsam, Cedarwood, Patchouli

Recommended Soundtrack:
Luke HessLight In The Dark (2009)


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